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Brief feature description

Home automation systems usually are made to support a proprietary protocol, or standard system like KNX, ModBus, EIB, ZWave, X10,  or others.
But how can we manage the interactions between all systems?
That’s what this software wants to care about, give a simple instrument to let users and system integrators to define a new level of building intelligence freedom.

Why do you need it?

Usually adding logic to a building became a pain for the client and the system integrator, because it needs expensive experts to work around the needs.
This software gives you the opportunity to add amazing logic to a building with really few knowledges and it gives you the freedom to makeyourself  changes to follow the client needs during the life of the building.
Also the “smart” client can make quick changes to the system without the need of an expert.

How does it work?

The system is made with a visual editor that gives you the possibility to connect components each other.
Each component can send and receive messages through the connection and it can act based on it’s configuration.
We already have done many useful components and other people can made them free or under payment plugins by us, by the manufacturer or by other users.

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An axample: we can use the sunrise and sunset components to control the night lamp and start the irrigation of the garden.

Palette of objects


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This object solves a lot of needs connected with timing, delays, sequencing. It can start on a defined time or based on a START message coming from other objects.


Sunrise / Sunset

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This component outputs a new message when the day changes from one state to another. You can take decisions based on this events, for example turning off an external light when sunrise is going on.
The necessary information are taken from a free internet service, in this way you can save money avoiding to buy a real light sensor and the time to mount and configure it.


Schermata 2013-02-18 alle 10.34.20This component gives you the freedom to connect pumps, valves and humidity sensors to your garden. For example, by internet it can controll the weather of the next day. So automatically it decides to irrigate or not the garden or how much water to use.

You can also use the garden component to controll your indoor garden, watering the plants only when they are thirsty, tourning on supplemental lights based on how much natural sunlight is received, and allerting you if the temperature drops belove a plant-healthy level.



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SMS can be sent on special events, the good thing is that you don’t need any SIM card or special device. They are sent using internet connection using a low cost messaging service or we can use special hardware to let the system work without internet connection.
Someone is ringing the bell of your house and you are away? You receive a sms, so you can connect immediately with your home and talk with people directly from your car.


Schermata 2013-02-18 alle 10.53.40You can send emails to remember you that something happened in your building, when someone get in or out. The system takes a photo from the IP camera and sends it to you.
Now your building can talk with you when it is necessary.


Schermata 2013-02-18 alle 11.02.35This useful component receives messages from all around and sends them to the spreadsheet defined. So you can track, for example, how long a light is on/off in each room of your house, or you can record a temperature to make graph and define better how to manage energy/heating resources.


Schermata 2013-02-18 alle 11.12.05Using this component you can change from anywhere when something have to happens. When an event in the calendar starts, a message will be sent to the connected object, this will give you the freedom to generate events and change them, simply adding a special defined message in the calendar note.
For example, you can set on the calendar when you are not at home and the component will automatically turn fof all the ligths and keep a lower temperature.

Heating / Cooling

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This is the core of energy savings, so we have to manage it carefully. Each room or office should be heated only when it is necessary. We can use cheap temperature sensors instead of expensive thermostats and we can manage the behaviour of each room easly.
Using the PID control this component can receive the setpoints form the thermostat component and a sensor to define how to manage the heating on a room.


ThermostatControl the temperature of each room of your house will give you a energy saving but it will be expensive to buy many thermostat and a pain to program them when needed.
With this component you can fix all this problems mounting only sensors and let RaspLogic to control the heating of each room.
Define the temperature curve need few seconds.



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 Use the power of your IPhone SIRI to control your house, from opening a door, power on a light, open/close rolling shutters, play a song from your HiFi, start the electric coffe machine, record a TV channel using your multimedia system. The power is in your hand, define what to say and the actions to do, amazing.


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Log information on a file for further use, it  could be useful. If you have a digital lock in your house, you can keep track of who enter/exit and when, you can use this software also to count how and when things happens in your company.  Keep track of when your boiler start and stop, maybe you discover that a different one can give you a better savings. Using sensors and data you can take better decisions.
Command Line

Command Line Icon
Command Line let you execute a os command to play a video, or show an image.


Audio/Video SYSTEM

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AV systems can be controlled by the logic, for example to start your morning preferred MP3 when you power on the light near your bed.
You can use google calendar to start a video recording of a channel.


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Often you need to compare inputs values to take decisions, or to elaborate an input to define how to control something. Manage all the needed cases with a visual interface is very hard so we prefer to give to the user a way to write some lines of code to get the job done quickly. It needs a very few knowledges for normal tasks. For example you can define that your garden RGB lamp sets a color based on tomorrow weather for Red, humidity sensor for Blue, and temperature for Green. For more info check the examples pages.

Real World – ILEVIA

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Ilevia is a company located near Venice, in Italy that mades a complete home automation system, distributed around the world since many years. EVE, that’s the name of the product, is well known for it’s stability, speed and easy to use.
Using product of Ilevia, we can connect to all the sensors, switches and peripherals connected to EVE, read informations and control them with our logic.
They already support KNX, Modbus, EIB (Vimar), BTicino all together and other protocols are coming.
EVE works on any pc using a linux virtual machine, it can use a certified box, or in the next future it will be available also on raspberry.
Everything can be controlled using Iphone, Ipad, Android, Linux, Windows, OSX.
You can check a wonderful demo here


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Ilevia also made a system the can be attached to a photovoltaic system to check the power generated, detect problems, report the production during the day, month, years. We can connect our logic to this system, LEAF,  to define when and where the produced energy must be used in our home.



If you like this project and you need more information, or you are a manufacturer of devices and you like the idea to let them to be controlled by our logic system, feel free to contact us to info@rasplogic.com


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